Temporary Email Address

Designed and polished to protect you from spam, malwares, hacking and advertising mailings. Temporary Email Address will supply free, anonymous and secure disposable email addresses.


Why use Temporary Email Address?

We all need to avoid spam and make our real email address safe always that’s why we created this generator to provide you a secure temporary email address.

Please note that all generated emails lasts for only 1 hour. Protect your personal email address and stop making your online privacy public. Temporary Email Address is your all-in-one anti-spam weapon!

Create a better temporary email address

Better and Protected. Because we want to keep your real inbox safe and clean, we have already made:

Person 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4


Generated Emails


Emails Received

Features for better experience

Simple and Free

Simple and Free

User-friendly interface that even a non-tech can use.

Fast and Easy

Fast and Easy

All email addresses are automatically generated and lasts for 1 hour.



All emails are continuously deleted after an hour to keep you protected.

Protect your privacy using our clean and secure disposable email generator

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