Temporary email address is a tool that people use for a short period of time. Are you giving away your real email address and exposing it with threats and spam? This temporary email address generator is created because there are some disposable email addresses out there that suck, doesn’t work and unsafe.

Maybe you want to sign into a website that requires an email address to send verifications. You can use this disposable generator to receive emails for a limited time.

Why use Temporary Email Address?

We all feel uncomfortable getting spam emails all the time right? Websites nowadays often require a valid email address to register and use their services but the problem is that some of these websites may or may not use our registered email addresses to send spam and junk mails.

That is why we created this tool allowing you to create disposable email address to use when signing up with websites that needs validation without showing your real identity.


Disposable within 1 hour

Email addresses are generated every 10 minutes.


No images and file attachments

To protect you from viruses and unwanted content.


Used for receiving only

We do not include sending emails using our service.

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We're a small team, but we're not just about the numbers. We're about the people that use our software and how it helps them. Our service is 100% FREE but maintaining our servers is pricy and we will never require a paid subscription for you to use our service.

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Create a better temporary email address

Better and Protected. Because we want to keep your real inbox safe and clean, we have already made:

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Emails Received

Protect your privacy using our clean and secure disposable email generator

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