How to use

The steps are as easy as counting 1,2 and 3!


Click the copy button to get your generated email address


Use it to sign up on your desired website, social media, etc.


Click Refresh button to receive incoming emails or simply wait for them to appear

Why do I need to use Temporary Email Address?

Today, your privacy is a big concern. Temporary Email Address is a great way to protect yourself from exposure to danger.

  • Keep your data and privacy safe from doubtful websites, services and even newsletters.
  • You don’t have to worry about spam and unwanted messages popping in your inbox

Does my temporary email expire?

Yes! We keep the received emails for only a day from the date of receipt, After that, the emails are automatically deleted and cannot be restored.

Where will I need temporary email address?

There are a few instances on where to use a disposable email, for example:

  • Use it on website that aren’t important to you
  • Mailing lists with subscriptions you don’t want
  • Untrustworthy websites
  • Eliminate Spam
  • App testing for developers

Why is this tool one of the best?

We revamped some of the features you won’t see on other temporary email providers. Our advantages are:

  • Easy to use design and functionality
  • No registration needed
  • Emails are automatically deleted
  • Create emails in just 1 click
  • Create unlimited email addresses

Why can’t I open links on the email?

When opening an external link, please make sure to right click and select “Open in new tab”. Refer on the image on the right.

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